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A Delicate Machine
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Oh, joy, more company! If you looked at things like an off-brand Demons and Exorcists puzzle, this could either be very good or very bad. Asha knew Wayne, sort of, he did art stuff and that made him cool in her book. That wasn't enough to really judge how he would act when the world was ending around him, unfortunately, so the real problem came with how he had unbalanced their tidy little arrangement.

Asha and Dot were cute and innocent demons, of course, which made Alex the fanatical exorcist. Exorcists were a cowardly lot so they only felt comfortable taking on a demon if they had at least equal numbers, which they hadn't before. Their conversation had seemed to disarm Alex well enough, he still seemed on-edge but Asha didn't think they were in any immediate danger of unpleasantness breaking out. After all, even with a weapon, he was still one against two. The three of them could cross the metaphorical river over to the other side without any problems.

Wayne was a big ol' question mark. He hadn't said anything at all, and wasn't brandishing a weapon. The way he waved his invisible white flag of surrender did make him seem scared, but was it an act? Was he a demon whose presence could further dissuade Alex from violence? Or was he an exorcist who would take the chance to team up with Alex and banish Asha and Dot?

Well, whatever. Asha remained determined to not let that be anything more than a fun thought experiment. She'd already made the decision not to mistrust anyone, so her course of action would remain the same wherever it lead her. Set sail for banal conversation.

"Heeey, Wayne!" Asha called out, waving. "No need to be nervous, four people makes a full party after all! Didja bring refreshments for everyone?"
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