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“Oh, uh, sure,” Jasper replied, taking the paintball gun and turning it over in his hands. Now he could tell for certain that it wasn’t a real gun; not that he’d ever held a real one before. Arthur’s gun just felt lighter than he expected.

Despite that, Jasper still felt a sense of danger while holding it. He’d always been like that, always nervous around things like knives - anything that could be used to hurt others. But knives were also used for benign acts like cooking, and Jasper could handle one while helping his mother around the kitchen. A paintball gun, however, was made with the sole purpose of shooting others. Sure, it wasn’t lethal, but Jasper heard that getting shot with one still packed a punch.

If he felt this way about a paintball gun, Jasper was glad he hadn’t been assigned a real one.

He handed the gun back to Arthur as Henry babbled on about finding sticks and twine. Yeah, that seemed like their second order of business. Even though they were currently on the beach, wood wouldn’t be hard to come by if they just trekked inland. But the twine, however, would be harder to find.

Jasper looked back at the warehouse again. It was the only building in their immediate vicinity, and thus the only place they could really go. He pointed it out to the other two. “Maybe we could check in there?”

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