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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry turned a hard shoulder. His bravado had disappeared, but not in favor of a jelly spine.

"Man, how the hell do you even KNOW about that?" Jerry spat. "What, was Trav running his mouth? It was just a spar, not a real fight!" Jerry's brain was already lining up the next few things to say, the next few excuses he had for what transpired that day. "So we were just playing, trying things out. Trav surprised me with a lucky kick, so what's the big deal?"

Jerry was yelling now, without even realizing it. He paced back and forth like a lion in a cage and his hand slid back into his pocket. It was mostly as a comfort thing, to wrap his knuckles around the folded switchblade and feel safe. In truth, Jerry Fury was scared. The unknown and the uncertain scared him, as did having his ubiquitous confidence shaken. When he got scared, he got angry, because how DARE anything scare him!?

"And the fuck you going on about? Flesh this, flesh that! Fucking creepy, dude!" Jerry started walking towards Ben. "So what's your big idea?" There was a light crunching sound, and Jerry looked to see what his foot had happened upon. Lifting it and shifting it to the side slightly revealed the bag of chipotles, some of which were now quite damaged thanks to his carelessness. "Ugh... Whatever," Jerry grumbled, kicking the peppers to the side. "Fuck those things. You weren't going to eat them, right? You're just gonna hide in a hole somewhere like a bitch and leave ME to do all the dirty work!"
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