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((Scarlett McAfee continued from Imprimatura))

How long have they been walking side by side? Scarlett had no idea. She couldn't help but think that leaving the others had been a bad idea. But that was her own fault. She had made her choice. She couldn't take it back now. Could she have tried to convince Aiden to stay in the group? Probably not. Scarlett let out a small sigh and she shook her head lightly. How would she be able to convince Aiden that all of this was not a prank? Some sick, twisted joke? No way. It wasn't even that. She remembered the blood. Mr Graham's blood. He never deserved to die like that. She couldn't get the image out of her mind and she just felt ill. How could they do something like that? Like this? Very easily. She couldn't deny it.

She was being more quieter than normal while Aiden was talking to her and she just let him. She just wanted them to both get outside. She need the fresh air. She wanted to escape. An exit.... Yes, they needed to find an exit. She didn't know how much longer she would be able to handle being there. Had they taken a wrong turn somewhere? She was feeling nervous and more uncomfortable. Her footsteps were echoing alongside Aiden's. This place was too big.

Scarlett stopped walking when Aiden asked if she was okay and she blinked a little. He seemed to have noticed that she was in a state of uncertainty. Should she just tell him how she was really feeling? Or should she lie and pretend that everything was going to be fine? She honestly didn't want to ruin Aiden's mood. But she didn't want to let him find out the truth the hard way.

Scarlett lowered her bag down onto the ground and she struggled to give Aiden a smile. Just be honest with him, Scarlett. "No, I'm not okay. Not really, Aiden. We're in a really messed up situation. We saw someone getting killed in front of us. We're in a kill or be killed situation. And I'm scared. And I just.... I don't know how to handle all of this.... And I don't know if you will believe me, Aiden." Scarlett's voice was getting more emotional and she didn't want Aiden to see her cry, so she turned away from him quickly. "I'm sorry for getting all emotional like this. I want to stay strong and positive. But I can't. I'm sorry for being such a downer, Aiden. I just didn't want you to go alone."
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