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What Jerry’d said had been food for thought, for maybe half a second. Then, ninja shit and Vietnam. Stupid, but he could take a non-literal knife to the parts he didn’t like. The actual knife was gone, and Ben could feel the vise clamped over his heart relax. Easy now. Trim the fat.

Nice look Jerry had there. Shame it was the fakest shit. Eyebrows sat on the ridge all wrong, too high up. Throat a bit too big for the britches a calm and collected killer liked to wear. Ben could read this open book. Eyes closed. ‘We kill or we die’? Change that ‘or’ to an ‘and’, Fury. Had to have learned that much with Webber. Ben wasn’t the one with a knife, but he had himself a weapon when he wasn’t the one who was gunshy. He could safely lean right into this one, tendons in his back stiffening as he pivoted his weight into his forward foot. His face aimed to interpose itself into that thing Jeremy called a brain.

“Alright, dude. Point to you, I’m being melodramatic.” Hands raised. Irrelevant concessions before the rebuttal. Good cop to bad cop, interrogation style.

A moment passed.

Ben’s jaw adopted lines, hard ones. The next few moments he charged through, his voice belting out on tank treads.

“So you remember your spar with Trav, yeah?” Probably all too well. Anyone who’d heard had faithfully ensured Jerry had no chance to try and forget. “You remember the moment before you realized you fucked up and got your ass pounded into the ground. Imagine that moment, only this time it’s your knife that’s coming down. Can’t take it back, you get that?” Ben only needed the most minuscule of breaths to carry on. His chest beat loud and proud with life nourishing blood.

“You know flesh doesn’t give easy, right? You’re gonna have to get nice and close, breathe the other dude’s air. Shit, imagine it’s whatever chick you had a crush on last semester. Imagine the look on their face. Won’t be going away when you’re two knuckles deep in their vitals, man. It’s there for every last breath they take, looking right at you forever.” Ben shrugged with all the non-consequence he could put into it when he well knew what was at stake. “But if you insist, I mean. You know what’s up, I guess.” Back up and out, get that back straight again. Look at Jerry, but not at him. The irises had a sorta kink in them, an emptiness that melted into Ben’s expansive pupils.

Play of the game? Probably not. It took every little inch of ground to make your nine. But at the end of the day, it all counted for…

Something. Ben didn’t know quite yet.
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