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Okay. Maybe rescue wasn't going to come. Maybe that's why it had really never happened before, as far as he knew. Because they knew that everyone would die if they even tried.

This wasn't going well. Not one bit. Not that it started off particularly good, but he almost would have liked to not have the proverbial noose around his neck pointed out so suddenly. He would have preferred to have his own crisis about this later on - right now, he felt like he should feel more concerned about avoiding getting murdered.

He was tugging on it. Trying to get it off. Slowly, Matt started to back away before tripping backwards onto the floor. Expecting Nate's collar to detonate at any moment, he put his arms up in front of his face in a pathetic attempt to shield himself from getting showered with bits and pieces of the other boy.

After a few seconds, nothing happened. Still half expecting him to explode, Matt stumbled to his feet, sputtering out some words of admonishment.

"Fuck, just - don't do that! You could get us both killed, or something! Fuck, oh shit.." He really hoped no one was hearing any of this.

So maybe this thing wasn't going to come off anytime soon. That was fine. Perfect, really. He was just so okay with this right now. Really, he'd never felt better in his entire life. Hand him one of these on the streets and he'd have gladly accepted it.

Or not. Maybe it was time to panic again.
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