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Arthur had a gun.

Henry sharply inhaled as he identified the object in the guy's hands. Then he relaxed, because as Arthur said, it was just a paintball gun. He smiled at his new companion.

"Do you have actual paint, like, in ball form? Or just the applicator?" Henry tilted his head, examining the device. He knew some of his classmates had a paintball interest, but he'd never tried it himself. How unfortunate; perhaps Arthur could demonstrate?

Not on him, of course.

An anxious look crossed Henry's face like a cloud, but he recovered quickly. "We were just planning on hanging out, you know? It's a nice day out." In truth it was a bit brisk, but Henry was dressed relatively warmly as usual. Arizona's heat never really bothered him, truth be told.

"What about you? You wanna join us? We were thinking of finding some sticks and twine. You know. For the fishing." Henry smiled again.
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