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The room looked worse off in the light of the torch.

How many years had this building been left here to rot? As if the straightjackets weren’t enough, there were occasional reddish brown stains on parts of the floor that Amanda sorely hoped was merely grime.

Emma and Lucilly both seemed overwhelmed in their own ways but for everything terrible about the situation, it seemed that they were as alright as a bunch of kids dumped into this situation could be.

Emma wasn't playing. Another relief.

"I... don't think I could. " Amanda answered, a little bit slower than she would have liked. She had a gun after all, she could, if she wanted. But Emma was right. It was gross. Wrong, even. But the possibilty still hung there like a spectre.

It was then that the shouting happened, someone swearing outside, and the doors burst open.

Amanda turned about instinctively, facing the girl who had entered the room, pointing both rifle and torch towards her.
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