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Rorick Skyve
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((Aiden Slattery continued from Imprimatura))

Like goddamn, this whole place was a dump. Trash and rubbish lying around left and right, no signs or nothing, just some depressing looking walls and hallway after hallway. Man, he was glad to get out of there. Scarlett didn't look to happy about any of this either. Prolly did her a favor gettin' her out as fast as he could.

Like, he kinda felt like he should have been really freakin' angry at whoever had pulled all this crap. Going through all this trouble to scare the livin' shit out of a bunch of teenie weenies, maybe givin' some of them paranoia for life, that stuff wasn't cool, not one bit. But really, he just wanted to get home again, share this weird ass story with his folks and siblings, then move on. Really, everything about this whole thing was made to look real, freakin' collars, goddamn Graham fakin' to bite it, like, shit. This was some professional work, so it was. Work of professional assholes, yeah. Would prolly catch themselves a whole nest of lawsuits once this whole thing was over.

Aiden stopped walking, looking at the walls left and right of him. Kinda looked like the place he had first woken up. Then again, hard to tell, with all the frickin' walls looking the same and shit, this was seriously frustrating. Had walked all the way back, all the way he walked into that musty ass dungeon thingie. The others were prolly still there, hiding or something, scared that some psyched out psycho with a chainsaw came after them or something. They'd figure out the truth soon enough. They had food and stuff too, so no big deal.

Still though, didn't help him with where the hell he was supposed to go. Stairs that led down had to be somewhere here, somewhere around here. Again, who the hell had thought it was a good idea to remove all the signs? Real fucking jokesters, these people who had set this up. Even thought of that, make him and the others run around the place like idiots. Bunch of pricks.

He scratched one side of his head, now looking at Scarlett, who was walking at his side. "Yeah, sorry about this; taking longer than I thought it would. Stairs have to be somewhere here though. Prolly won't be a long walk from there to the main exit."
He sighed, trying not to think about how his meds were still missin'. Main reason why he wanted to get the hell away from there and clear everything up. Had forgotten to take them once, result hadn't been pretty, nope nope nope.

Really hoped Scarlett wasn't scared or anything though. Poor girl still looked like she was buyin' into all of this. Made him feel bad, really, hurt to see her all down like this. Had to try and make her feel better, somehow.

"Hey, you alright by the way? Just asking, you still seem kinda anxious and all."
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