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Audrey was pretty well-known around the household as a vibrant dreamer. So, when terrorists kidnapped her entire class and killed her teachers, she figured she must have been in an extremely detailed nightmare. When she was lulled back to sleep by the gas, Audrey managed to maintain that illusion - at least until she woke up again. With a loud, loud ringing in her ears. And the sounds of frantic teenagers.

Her eyes popped open about as quickly as they could. She still felt groggy and there was a pain in the back of her head that she assumed must have been from the toxins used to knock her out. She groaned lightly, trying to assess her situation. Which was difficult (or easy, depending on your definition) considering the two inhabitants present with her. Her head whipped around, noting that her body was placed against a wall in the corner, invisible to anyone who wasn't paying too much attention. Either the terrorists were really lazy and just dropped her wherever, or she'd tossed and turned in her sleep - which she would have wont to do. At the moment, though, Audrey knew there were two choices she could make here: stay quiet and let the altercation sort itself, or step in and try to create some sort order. From what she'd observed thus far, it didn't seem like these two boys were actually capable of harming each other - what with the squeaking and light cursing being thrown around.

Audrey muttered some arcane expletive under her breath. She was cursed with pretenses of false heroics.


Her eyes were drawn to the duffel bag next to her which, upon closer examination, beheld her name and "number." Blegh. Audrey decided she didn't like this Orwellian death game one bit. Shifting into a sitting position, she rifled through it. Supplies and a first aid kit and... nunchucks? Great. "Compartmentalize," Audrey whispered to herself. "Compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize..." Audrey stood up, nunchucks in hand. Goddammit, what was she doing? She was supposed to see Mad Max in a few days, not stuck here of all places.

"Hey!" She waved the nunchucks in front of her, pretending like she had any idea how to use them. "I swear to God, you two better stop making noise or people who actually want to hurt other people are going to be here very fast!" She stepped forward. "Come on, you two. Calm the hell down! Is that you, Sandy? You're the kid from the art club, right? Seriously, call a truce or something! Peace and love, that's what we artists do, right?"

Of course, Audrey had no idea if she would have any effect on them - or whether or not she would get shot or grenaded at any moment - but she was compartmentalizing, compartmentalizing, compartmentalizing. She needed to exert that can-do attitude that had been ever so useful at the theater. Or she would die - at which point she hoped she'd made enough peace with God that he'd be totally chill with her going to heaven.
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