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Scarlett heard Barry and Jonathan talking behind her. They didn't seem to like the idea of them splitting up. Just her and Aiden being alone out there. Maybe bumping into someone who is a friend or could be an ally. Hopefully, they wouldn't run into someone who is willing to kill them. Maybe Jonathan and Barry will follow after them. She had no idea. She didn't want to think about it too much. She just wanted to leave this horrible place.

Scarlett was feeling bad for Aiden more. He sounded really... hopeful that everything was fake. How she wished it was true. But Scarlett was accepting that they were in a kill or be killed scenario. Aiden was giving the others directions on how to get out. She thought that was sweet of him to do. Scarlett almost rolled her eyes as he was trying to be funny. It was good to see him like that. But how long would it last? Possibly not for long.

As Aiden was starting to leave; Scarlett turned back to the others and she give them a reassuring smile. Hoping that it didn't look like it was going to break. "Be careful, you guys! See you around!" She nodded to them.

She gave them a quick wave and she hurried to follow Aiden.

((Scarlett McAfee continued in Needles and Pins))
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