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Bart felt a shock go through his body when the girl in the room spoke. Her voice sounded angry and irritated, not friendly at all. He dropped the painting he was holding, raised his hands, and slowly stood back up. He could feel his legs shaking as he did so. He really didn't want to come off as intimidating or menacing. Considering how mad the girl seemed, that could only end very badly for him.

"I-it's Bart! Bart Cappotelli!" He nervously stammered out. "I was just looking at the pictures on the ground! I didn't know anyone was here!"

He started to sweat a little. He wasn't ready for a fight, and he was very afraid that one may be about to occur. He remained still while he waited for the girl to respond, less out of patience and more because he was very afraid about what was going to happen next.
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