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Good old Scarley Scarls. Of course she was the first one to come to his side, girl was always good to make peeps feel better. Aiden couldn't help but feel a tiny bit touched, not tearing-up-worthy or anything, but still, it did feel nice. Meant she trusted him or something like that. Maybe she just wanted to be with him. Either way, sure made him feel less shitty, he'd have to thank her once they got out of the place.

He smiled back at her, thinking about patting her on the back for a moment, maybe even go all in for some hugging business. Nah, woulda looked kinda weird, maybe. She wasn't his sis, no permission to get all close and comfy there. "Thanks, appreciate it. Like really, thanks a whole bunch."

Other three though, no idea what they were gonna do. Like, stickin' to that whole story wasn't gonna help them any, all they had to do was follow him or something and they'd all sit in a bus back home soon enough. Still, if they wanted to hang around some more, that was their deal. Place was about as appealing as a back alley in New Jersey or some shit, so no real reason for them to stick around there. He wouldn't force them to come with him though, no way. Each to their own, that sorta business.

He waited until Barry finished talking, then shrugged. "I mean like, you can follow us and all, free country and stuff. Me, I'm gettin' out of here, no way I'm stickin' around any longer."

He gave each of the three others a quick glance again. Barry and Jon Jon, they'd figure out their shit soon enough, would prolly follow after a little chat with each other or something. The chick, he had no idea. Kinda creeped him out, really, what with her being all silent like that. She'd prolly follow the other two, so no reason to have a bad conscience there. He'd do his thing and so would they, all good.

"So for when you guys decide to bounce: Need to turn the corner I just came 'round." He pointed his thumb behind himself, over his shoulder. "Then go down the hallway, through all those gates, all the way to the end. Turn uh...right again, I'm pretty sure. Down another hallway, somewhere around there should be some stairs that go down. Missed them earlier, that's why I ended up here. No signs out there, so that sorta sucks." He cleared his throat. "Just some stuff that might come in handy."
He was ready to turn away and go back the way he came, but not before looking back at the other three one last time. "Look, all gonna be fine, okay? This isn't the real deal here, just isn't. See y'all later and don't get lost in here, alright? Wouldn't want to return home with three of our team missing, know what I'm sayin'?"

He snickered, then gave them a parting nod. Still hadn't lost his sense o' humor, nope. Wouldn't get all jittery over fuckery like this, no way. He was fine, they'd be fine too.

He turned his head to Scarlett, giving her a nod as well, inviting this time. "Let's go, yeah?"

((Aiden Slattery continued in Needles and Pins))
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