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So it was gladness that Lucilly felt. Gladness and gratitude and a sense of hope that bathed her body, that showered her mind and slid down her skin into every pore. Even as Emma mentioned what was unthinkable, and what was unpronounceable even for Emma, Lucilly felt a small sense of happiness filling her all around.

The flash of light, for even if Lucilly was warned beforehand, was a blinding sensation. She shrieked, covered her eyes. Eyes which hurt and which leaked another few tears, this time not due to the darkness enveloping her but the light that shook it all away in an instant.

Lucilly smiled. She saw no reason to smile, if she were to reason in that moment. To see two of her fellow students at her side lessened oh so much pain.

And than, all of it. All of it vanished in an instant. Lucilly shrieked again. All hope was gone just as quick as it came and only a sense of impending doom remained. Lucilly gazed towards Amanda and she gazed towards Emma and wished that if only by looking at those friendly people could she escape from the angry one from the outside.
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