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Henry didn’t answer him. Maybe it was because he was too busy looking into the water, but maybe it was because of someone calling out to them right afterwards. Jasper turned towards the voice to see yet another familiar face. Arthur was a senior on the soccer team: They weren’t exactly friends, but they were on good terms. Jasper felt lucky, having run into two friends so far.

He was momentarily worried when Henry tripped over his whip, but he recovered quickly, inviting Arthur to come fishing with them. Jasper chuckled as Henry called him a silly nickname. He didn’t even like jazz.

“Yeah!” Jasper added, waving. “It’d be better if you had, like, an actual a fishing pole we could use,” He paused, eyeing the gun Arthur held at his side. “But by the looks of it, you don’t.”

It had made Jasper jump at first, but as the other boy drew closer, he noticed the tank and a cord connecting the handle and the barrel. Arthur had either gotten a really freaky modified gun, or just some sort of paintball gun. Either way, he didn’t seem to mean any harm. Jasper didn’t think he was the kind of person to start ‘playing’ anyway.

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