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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Uh... yeah, they're still here," Alba said, glancing around the beach. "I'll get them for ya."

The girl's clothes had been knocked onto the sand by the thief. They were scattered a bit, but Alba was sure she could get them all together for the girl.

Alba walked over to the clothes and started to pick them up. She had her bag and the girl's bag slung over one shoulder, with her other arm now being used to hold onto the girl's clothes. Once she had the clothes, she began to look around in the sand for the glasses. The last thing Alba wanted to do was break the girl's glasses after everything that just happened. Fortunately, she saw the black rectangular glasses lying in the sand. She picked them up and shook them, getting some loose sand off the lenses.

Alba then walked over to the girl. She held out the glasses to the wet, shivering girl.

"Here are your glasses," Alba said. "Are you okay?"
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