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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Scout Pfeiffer continued from The High Window.)

The door to the door opened slowly. She gave it a light push, let gravity do the rest. There was no rust on the doorhinges, so no squeaking. Good. She was thankful for that. Scout Pfeiffer peered her head out of the doorway. She stared down the hallway, at the bullet holes in the floor, finally landing at the door leading towards the stairs.

Well. There's good news and bad news. Good news, she found a gun. Bad news, she didn't find it in any of the rooms. Someone was using it.

Scout had heard creaking and shuffling, but she figured it was the sounds of the building settling. Then someone screamed 'who the fuck are you?' from further on and then somebody fired a gun.

The voices were faint, clearly female, clearly nobody Scout recognized. They went back into one of the rooms. She didn't know which one. One of the ones she didn't check, she figured. Was the door still open? Was one of them just 'testing' the gun? Both fight and flight weighed heavily on her shoulders. The plan Scout had was vague, malleable, but it wasn't going to be possible with just a bonesaw. But. she had no idea what to expect. Were the two girls down the hall trustworthy? What if there wasn't just two of them? What if there's more people in the room? She didn't know.

Scout hated ambiguity, but not nearly as much as indecision. The unknowable, when things like luck, fate, and loads other bullshit came into play when rationality failed. She knew one thing though: she wasn't going to needlessly kill anyone. That cannot be overstated.

Scout grunted. She left the door open as she finally slid out, bonesaw clutched in hand. She tested the floor, making sure there were no creaks. She pressed her shoulder against the wall. The place - a dormitory of some sort, Scout gathered - was a mess. A candleholder on the wall was downturned, pointing towards the floor. Beer bottles were set in a pyramid along the opposite wall further down. Scout shuffled down to the neighboring door. Or rather doorway, as there was no door on this. Her heart thudded as she checked inside. No one.

She paused, breathed in, out. Christ. She weighed the idea of making a break for it.

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