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Alice winced at Johnny's harsh comments. Did he think she hadn't considered that? It wasn't like dying alone was appealing to her, but if she was going to die here, did it really matter where or how? Eventually she'd have to leave, according to the so-called rules; the Danger Zone thing would force her out.

As for the rest..."I'm sure Raina is brilliant, I really am. But can she figure out how to get us out of here when, as we speak, these people are watching and listening?" Alice said, softly, glancing up at a glint of shiny glass near the room's corner.

Her gaze moved to the ground, and she continued, "I just don't think I'd be able to do anything to help even if there were some kind of plan. I'm not that smart or anything..." Alice gave a wry grin. She knew her limits; she didn't know much about engineering, wiring, explosives, technology, geography or anything that might help. She could play music and draw with a tablet and write crappy fanfiction; that was about it.

Still, the temptation to not be alone was strong. Surely she could find a compromise. "I guess if, you really want me to come with you, I could tag along. But only until we find a place where people aren't likely to look for us. To hide out, you know. Then I'm staying, with or without you guys."

She held up the coil of bunting. "This is what I got assigned, so...I doubt it's much help. I don't even know why I kept it, really." Alice shrugged.
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