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Jasper flung the bottle into the water. Henry was going to chastise him for littering, but then he was distracted by a fish he thought he saw in the water by the pier. Oh man, it looked like some kind of grouper. Or...was it? Henry couldn't tell. He really wished he had a fishing pole now, though.

Suddenly, a voice came through the area. "Hello!" Henry called back to the person. He recognized Arthur; he was a pretty swell guy. Didn't he have a sister? "We're okay right now, Jazz-man just scraped his hand on a glass bottle." He grinned.

"Luckily we have vanquished the offending object!" Henry raised his hand in triumph, nearly tripping as the length of bullwhip tangled around his leg and yanked him off-balance. He sat back down. "I'm okay. All good."

Then he blinked, and said, "I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay." His breathing started to speed up, and his face went pale. Then, he was back to his usual smiley self. "Do you want to go fishing with us?" He called to Arthur.
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