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Meanwhile in the bathroom, Jerry heard Michael's swinging. He must have been having fun over there, whacking stuff with his axe.

He wished he had an axe when he searched the men's bathroom. Some of the door were easy to open, but others had to be kicked because somebody had the idea to lock them. He could have just slid under the space below the door but that was nasty. The floor was obviously not cleaned for a long time and who knows what went on it.

He felt like he just walked into a time capsule. The wall, the floor, the decor, everything was so old. The paper toilet looked old too. They were kinda crusty and dry, but still usable. However, in the middle, bugs were crawling, angry that somebody shook their houses. When realized a bug was crawling on his hand, he screamed.

"It's fine, j-just bugs!"

Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Instead of going for each and separate bathrooms, he went for the janitor's closest. In there, he found a broomstick. Was that a weapon? He could hit someone with it, so he considered it. He was going to go back for it after he got the paper toilet.

There were two kinds of paper toilet: the rolls and the tissue one. The rolls were in a pile, and it was obvious it was the house of crawlies while the tissues kind was wrapped around in plastic. There was about a dozen of neatly stashed tissues on the shelf.

He beat-hugged the pile and carried it out of the bathroom. He dropped it on a table, the once neat square was transformed into a rectangle with holes right and left. He dropped a couple of them, whoops.

"I got the paper toilet," he screamed to his ally, "I also found a broomstick for whatever its worth."
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