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Hannah Kendrickstone was going to die.

((G061: Hannah Kendrickstone Start))

Mr. Graham had had his head blown out and she would be following him. She wasn't stupid; she knew that a girl like her had no chance in SOTF. She wasn't the strongest, the fastest, the cleverest, the one with the most stamina, the most resistant to change...

She was a wannabe actor who just wanted to read and perform. What had she done that was so wrong to deserve this punishment? Why had Cochise, a backwater college in a state that nobody cared about targeted?

She was never going to see her mother or father again. Never going to pick up Marcus and swing him around like he loved, never going to see her cat, Archie, never going to have a girlfriend, never going to... Never going to do anything more with her life than what she'd done.

There was nothing that she could do to prevent her imminent demise. She hadn't even gotten a good weapon, just a towel wrapped around a plank of wood to stop her hand from getting splinters. If she had gotten a gun, then maybe she could've done something, but she was destined to become another victim. Another candle at a vigil.

She was sitting down inside one of the dinghies, sodden wood making the bottom of her jeans wet, but right now, it was the least of her concerns. She picked up the end of her scarf not wrapped around her face, and used it to dab away the tears that had been falling for god knows how long.

Her hoodie had shifted, revealing the stupid temporary tattoo that she had put on there a few days ago. She and Irene had been joking around, and her brother had had some tucked away in a drawer, so she had ended up with a snake wrapped around her wrist.

As she thought about this, another wave of tears hit her, and she buried her head in her hands. It wasn't just her, was it? All her friends, casual buddies, fellow furries, all of them who had come on the trip would be here as well, wouldn't they? Everyone who had come on this stupid trip would be stuck here with a command to kill and a collar, wouldn't they?

Her nails, bitten short, hadn't even scratched the paint on the horrible thing. The weight and the size left her in no doubt that it would easily blow her neck to peices, perhaps even destroy her chin whilst it was at it.

She stood up and picked up her 'weapon,' She had gone through her bag, the board that was to be her weapon on the boat where she had just sat. Screaming, she brought the weapon down onto the boat, sending splinters flying out. Bringing it up, she slammed it down again, and again and again until she had tired herself out; and then some, until her breathing was ragged and her arm muscles already exhausted.

"I didn't even like science..."
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