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Can you hear me?
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As Emma pulled her hand away from her face, her fingertips came up wet. But the other voice made itself known pretty quickly.


Lucilly was a name that rang a bell to her, too. One thing Emma could remember about her was that she babysat a lot of kids. She was a nice girl as well. She enjoyed sewing too, if she could remember correctly, and did volunteer stuff.

She came into view, and yes, it was her.

“Lucilly… I’m… I’m glad to see you too,” she said.

Despite everything, Emma felt herself smile a bit. Amanda and Lucilly were both good people. Hopefully she could trust them with her life.

“Yeah, I’m o-okay,” Emma said in response to Amanda’s question. “I’m not feeling well right now, but, um, I don’t see myself doing what they say. It’s pretty… gross. What they want you to do, I mean. What about you?”

Talking was starting to get a bit easier. It seemed like the gas was wearing off fine, and she’d just have to deal with the usual fog soon. That’d still be a problem, though.

Emma instinctively squinted and raised an arm across her face once Amanda flicked on the flashlight. That was never a good experience, going straight from darkness to bright light. But once she moved her arm away and her eyes adjusted, she could get a better look at the two. Amanda looked nervous. Lucilly still had trails of snot and tears on her face. Emma couldn’t help but feel for them. She hoped that they were doing okay emotionally, just as they were physically.

“Hey, it might be… be good for me to sit down, okay? Maybe I’ll… er… feel better.”

Emma placed her hands on the chair her bag had been on, and started pulling herself up. Her legs felt stiff, like they had weights attached. But it would probably be better to sit on the chair, rather than the dirty floor, didn’t it? Emma softly groaned as her leg muscles started working for what felt like the first time in a while. Her feet were now touching the floor, which was good. Now she just had to put her body in the chair, and lean forward.

Unfortunately, a series of loud curse words filled the room, and Emma felt her legs slip under her. Her hands were still tightly grasped onto the chair’s backrest, but she lost some balance from the shock. That wasn’t Lucilly or Amanda. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know who that was.

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