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Well, fuck. This was a question that was going to drive Mia completely insane for the next day or so. She trudged after Candice, back into the room she had woken up in, staring at the gun as if it was a Rubik’s cube. Where the hell was the safety? That was about the extent of her gun knowledge, right after the whole ‘point and shoot’ part. Most of them had safeties to stop people from doing, well, exactly what Mia had done, right?

Mia moved her thumb over a button-y object on the side, then froze as she realised she was accidentally pointing the gun at Candice’s back. Hastily, heart pounding like a jackhammer, she shoved the Uzi back into her pocket, the bottom half awkwardly sticking out like some bizarre appendage.

Better for her to have the question of the safety location pester her mind, rather than the accidental murder of an innocent girl plague her conscience.

Mia trudged across the room and sat on the edge of the bed. It was about as comfortable as one would expect a bed in a dilapidated, years old house to be, but it was still much more preferable to the floor. She craned her neck back to look at the ceiling, staring at the cracks and watermarks that decorated it, letting Candice’s question wash over her. Then she looked back at the girl, a smile on her face. It wasn’t forced, but it wasn’t quite natural, either.

“Yeah, that’s me!” Mia said, voice slightly strained. “Mia Rose, the one and only. Swimming sensation, cheerleader, lover of dogs and cats and all things cute, generally all around pretty cool girl. Next big Olympic star, live and in person!”

The smile fell almost as quickly as it had appeared, and with a huge sigh, she flopped backwards onto the bed, feeling all of a sudden very limp and very small. She was exhausted. It had been less than an hour into this thing, and her emotions had already been put through the wringer.

“At least, that was the plan,” Mia muttered. “Then everything went tits up, and now I’m just some girl who assaults the first person she sees. I, uh, really am sorry about that, by the way.”

Mia glanced over at Candice, an apologetic look on her face, before continuing her study of the ceiling.

“If there is anyone else nearby, they must still be out cold not to have investigated the noise by now. Probably for the best, honestly. Didn’t exactly give the best account of myself, huh?”

As the last couple of words left Mia’s mouth, a lead weight felt like it had been dropped on her heart. Maybe there was no-one else in this building itself, but there were plenty of people who would have seen her little display. Plenty of people who would be watching her right now, checking every hour to make sure she was still alright.

“Do you think our parents are watching us right now?”

Mia wondered what Nathan was thinking right at this moment.


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They say the hangover after you get drugged and kidnapped by terrorists is the worst · The Staff Dormitories B Block