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Darius caught the bottle and hit it lightly against his head, closing his eyes, pretending to fall, as if he knocked himself out with the bottle


Then he recreated his balance and laughed at his fabulous acting. He looked at the water bottle and considered emptying it right away, but he really was thirsty. So he opened it, drank from it, and Jesus, it was refreshing. He did not care about spilling the contents of the water bottle, so his shirt ended up a bit wet. Finally, he emptied the bottle by letting the H2O hit the ground.

He picked up the pieces of paper that were parts of the Danya guide and put them inside the bottle and closing it with the cap.

"Look, Junko. A message in a bottle. We throw it into the ocean, a fisher will find it, will read 'Danya' and will think 'oh shit' and we will get rescued in some days."

Darius had a smug smile.

"Easy peasy."

He knew it wasn't going to work. That was an unrealistic plan. The ocean was big. But at least he showed Junko that his intentions were good and for the good of all and that crap. And he still had his water bottles while Junko had one less, which was also an advantage. He just needed to support his lie by revealing more false information to Junko.

"I already threw my bottles out, on the other side of the island. Now we just have to throw this one in this direction", he pointed at the horizon near to them, "and the chance of someone finding us increases."
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