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A voice called out to her.


She froze again. Okay, she needed to think about this. There was someone in front of her; Jasmine couldn’t quite tell who it was just by their voice but she knew that it was a girl. That wasn’t exactly helpful, but maybe it was good for her to know that. She couldn’t use that fact now, but maybe it could be used at some point later in this encounter. Right now she just needed to think about what to say. Nothing that’d make the girl suspicious of Jasmine and ideally something that would make the girl an ally. Safety in numbers, after all, and considering that Jasmine ideally didn’t want to die on this island having that safety was the best thing she could possibly get.

She figured that a quick introduction would be probably the best move for her. It wouldn’t be anything too major for her to do, and it’d help to diffuse the tension. She resisted the urge to nod. Yes, that would work. Providing that the person she was talking to was still acting like a normal human being, of course. She expected that to be the case.

“It’s me,” she said. “Jasmine. I don’t want trouble either.”
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