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Jennifer, for a second, glared at the manual. For another, she wondered if she should pick it up. There wasn’t much else she needed to know about the game. Just the same information that they told them before. You know, kill or be killed, there are metal collars that explode, don’t die like Graham.

Her breathing was loud; her heartbeat was pounding in her ears. She felt her fists tighten, as if she was going to punch the next person that she saw. Damn it all. Again, she didn’t need to be this emotional. She knew deep down that staying calm was the way to go. But she swore to god, any second now she would rip the paintings into shreds.

She was this close to graduating. Jennifer was supposed to get her diploma, go to Columbia, eventually go to the graduate school. But it turned out fate had other plans for her, and now? Now she was here. She hated every second of this.

Then Jennifer saw movement. A person? It had a shadow like a person, at least. Jennifer’s eyes narrowed. As she stepped forward to get a better look, the yellowed paintings dampened the sound of her heels stomping against the carpet.

“Hello?” she called out. “Who’s there? I’m really not in the mood to get murdered right now.”

Her voice was snappish.

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