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Can you hear me?
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Damn it, Darius.

He just laughed, and said that she was smart in not trusting him. Like, he literally just said she couldn’t trust anyone, but she could trust him. Wrap your head around that one. If anyone didn’t understand Darius right now, it was Junko. Then again, she might have been the first he talked to. Or the second. No idea. All she knew was that he was making weird jokes. Apparently the “knowing a way out” wasn’t a joke, but beating people to death with a water bottle? What.

For a moment, Junko considered not giving the bottle to him. Let him be thirsty, even if he was all red and sweaty. To be fair, it was his normal levels of jerkishness. It wasn’t anything that weird, just in a different context. Junko silently cursed her conscience. Again, this could turn out to be some kind of really weird trap. What would be the point of pretending you know a way off and asking for water? Again, no clue. It could be something, though.

She sighed and did a gentle toss in his direction.

“Knock yourself out.”

Coming to a V7 near you.
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