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Bradley was indeed so very much repulsive. Seeing Georgia Lee share Fiyori's sentiment didn't surprise her. Everyone in Cochise High knew who Bradley was and everyone had a story to tell about him. The ladies even had two for the most part.

It was strange, but it was also adorable. Adorable in a very detached sense. Two young woman with no understanding for each other, but both of them felt so good with bonding over common ground. Even if that common ground was talking shit about another shit talker.

Fiyori could feel herself nodding along to GLD's exposition, she could almost feel the uncomfortable pressure GLD must have felt back then, and she did so because she could empathize. Because Fiyori too was a victim, more or less, of Bradley's pathetic attempts at self-serving humor.

She even groaned when Georgia Lee Day delivered the punch line. Yes, that was definitely his working. But for a moment, Fiyori wondered. Georgia Lee was more attractive than Fiyori, and while both of them definitely bit back, Fiyori could see harass Georgia Lee even more just because of that fact. She could see a girl becoming bitter.

And still, Fiyori smiled. And still, Georgia Lee smiled. And soon, they would be laughing. Together.

It caught Fiyori by surprise, as so many things did on that day. Yes, she felt like laughing. But her body had disagreed with her, barring that one break-out back on the bridge. That was a more painful laughter, as sand got in her throat, but now that she laughed together with Georgia Lee Day she actually felt genuine joy.

She wondered again. Bradley was probably dead. Or at least he was soon to be dead. It was strange to think about that. There were definitely enough times when Fiyori just wished to kick him to the moon. Or wanted him to get flattened by a SUV or something. She wished him gone or dead so many times and now it was time for it to come true. She would have loved to think that it was unfair, even to him. 'Even a repulsive person such as Bradley deserves no death' would have been nice to think, but what Fiyori found crossing her mind was 'Better Bradley than somebody else'.

Georgia Lee Day stopped laughing. Fiyori continued a while, but faded out of it soon enough.

"Still, fact is that there are people we trust and people we do not trust. I have a proposal."

She reached for her bag, opened the zippers and fetched the first aid kid. As she thought, she could find a pair of scissors in there. She wished she could have just used pen and paper. But pen and paper were nowhere to be found so she had to do with what she got.

"We could carve shit into the wall. 'Fiyori was here', 'GLD was here'. I think that'd be cute. Something to remember us by or something."

Fiyori smiled at Georgia Lee. She imagined that the woman frowned upon such behavior.

"Just kidding," she continued without greater pause. "we each make two lists, yeah? A list of trustworthy people, and a list of those who aren't. Then once we're done, we compare. Look for the overlap.

After all, we need to figure out who..." She paused, touched the blade of the scissors with her fingers and thought about how she could use her words most efficiently.

"...is a 'common potential enemy' and who is a 'common potential ally'."

Because all things considered, Fiyori figured, she knew that GLD would object to people entering their shelter whom Fiyori trusted, but GLD did not. Possibly just the same with GLD letting people enter Fiyori didn't like. They needed to find common ground, and she figured that would be the quickest way to do it.

Also Fiyori seriously wanted to see if GLD would really use a scissor to carve shit into wood.
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