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As Nancy laughed, Vanessa followed suit. Just like when she’d first found the pot, it was a good cathartic laugh, but compared to that seeing Nancy finally start to stop talking in that creepy third person context and actually smile was far more relieving. Drugs: the answer to all of life’s problems.

Eventually they both recovered from their laughing fit, Vanessa feeling that much better for it. “Tch, fucking square.” She grinned back at Nancy as she rejected the offer, but there was no malice in the words. She tucked the pot back in her bag, still smiling, as she let out a long sigh. She’d been saving the weed for when she met back up with Cams again, anyway.

Vanessa really didn’t get Nancy, but the clues were starting to fall into place. Idols, assignments, and singing her heart out: she obviously wanted to take the country by storm as the next American Idol. Not the coolest life ambition, but fuck it Vanessa could at least relate to the whole singing interest and the love of the music lifestyle.

She was about to open her mouth and start asking her about it, keep the conversation going on a casual we’re-not-about-to-die level, when the thump of someone collapsing came from the open door. She spun her head around towards the hall, but couldn’t see anything from where she was standing.

“Shit, you hear that?” she almost whispered at Nancy, still staring at the door. “Wait here.” She ordered, raising her hand in a similar gesture, as she headed towards the room’s entrance to take a peek.

“Oh, fuck!” she had not expected to see someone actually collapsed outside. She immediately started to head over, still blissfully oblivious to the risk of traps or ambushes at this point, whilst calling out to the guy on the floor. “Dude, you alright?!”
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