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((Female Student #16: Jaime Schanbacher - GAME START))

There were many ways to react when one realized herself to be an unwilling contestant in the world's most famous survival "game." Some people broke down crying. Others jumped in headfirst to win. Yet others collected themselves and simply tried to survive. A few even killed themselves to spare themselves the horror of the game. Jamie's reaction was slightly different.


She had reacted with pure, apoplectic rage upon waking up and coming to her senses. They'd drugged her, kidnapped her, given her an explosive Lo-Jack, killed Mr. Graham (whatever anyone said, that guy was actually somewhat cool), and said ''here you go, fight to the death!"

On top of that, they took away her cell phone and gave her a calculator. A calculator. Not any of the good ones even, just one that probably cost less than ten dollars, and her left foot still hurt from when she kicked the wall when she woke up. So it was quite fit to say that as she entered the room, Jaime was not in the best of moods.
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