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Mars was as he predicted, round and orange-ish.

Johnny could feel Raina's eyes on him, though, so he pretended to be impressed; blowing his breath out all long and drawn-out, like he didn't have room in him at the same time for both air and all this new, mindblowing knowledge he was attaining, here.

"Not me," he said as he stared through the lens. "I haven't done those things, I mean. Flyin' and goin' to space and talkin' to japanese perverts or whatever."

He stood back up, wiping dirt off of his knees, and gave her a little smile, reassuring her it wasn't a complaint.

"Yet to hit my stride, I'm sure. Gimme five years or so an' I'm sure I'll've done stuff that'd make Jonathan Swift shit himself."

That comment got a little smile out of Raina, and Johnny could feel his heart lift up, out of his body and soar off into the cosmos to orbit some distant star. His knife-toothed grin split his face in half.

"Give us a look at Jupiter then, yeah?"

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