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Johnny shook his head, feeling himself getting pissed off.

“Look…” he faltered for her name “…you. Like, I’m sorry, but that’s some bullshit, okay? You just wanna hide here, hoping someone else is gonna come along and solve everything?”

He didn’t want to upset the poor girl, but at the same time it was better to hurt her feelings than to leave her here alone for someone to come along and hurt her who knows what way.

“Is that how ya solve all your problems? Ya just wait around and hope they’ll fix themselves. I’m sorry, I am, but that is just… look, that’s just fuckin’ stupid, okay?”

The sour, old taste of the water in the baths was still in Johnny’s mouth, and at that moment he wanted nothing more than to clean his teeth. In lieu of that being an option, he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket as he spoke, and tore off the clear plastic packaging from the fresh, unsullied pack. He opened the top, pulled the foil from the front and tossed it into one of the tubs. It bobbed on the surface.

When he flicked the bottom of the pack, one cigarette jumped out further than the others, and Johnny pulled this out of the pack, then turned it around and replaced it, upside down so he knew which one it was. This would be his lucky cigarette, and Johnny would be careful with it. He’d need all the luck he could get.

“Look, you don’t need to be rescued okay, we can rescue ourselves? I mean, you’re lookin’ at Raina fucking Rose here, biggest brain in Arizona! Ya wanna try and find a science question this lady doesn’t know the answer to, we’re gonna be here all night. All day. Ya know, whichever…”

Johnny put a cigarette in his mouth, lit it and inhaled deeply. He felt better instantly, and thanked God for the blessing that was nicotine.

“If ya wanna get out of here, I promise ya your chances are ten thousand times better with us than they are all by your lonesome, and if ya wanna find somewhere to hide then I promise ya we can find ya somewhere better than this shithole, okay?”

Raina was giving him a look of disapproval, but Johnny thought it was more likely regarding the smoking than the plan. He hoped so, anyhow.

He held the pack out to her with a crooked grin, his cigarette hanging from his bottom lip.

“Hey Ray, did ya want one? Risk of dying from lung cancer just got a whole lot lower…”

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