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"It was kinda dark, so I didn't actually see anyone. Heck, I didn't even notice you when I left." Amanda said.

Maybe she was just projecting on the darkness but Emma seemed as relieved to see her as Amanda had been. Did Amanda look as scared, as nervous herself, as Emma did? She didn't know. She was scared to know what face she was putting on. She didn't want to be nervous. But she didn't want to a be an emotionless wreck either.

Another call sounded out from elsewhere within the dark room.

"Lucilly?" Amanda didn't know the girl all that well, but she didn't sound dangerous. Scared and cornered but probably not dangerous.

There were three people about in the dark room now. It wasn't a surprise she had missed them though. The room was too dark to make too much out really. The dim light fron the door wasn't enough. Amanda wanted to see.

"Hold on a second, let me get something." Amanda started fumbling with her pack, it wasn't easy, trying to get something while holding on to a gun, but she wasn't about to give up that little bit of safety, just in case anything did go wrong.

"We're all okay here, right? No one's about to do anything stupid, right?" she asked, realising how dumb of a question she was asking. What kind of murderer would give you a chance to fight back like that? A really dumb one, that was what.

Amanda finally pulled it out from somewhere deep within the pack, the torch that she had found in the pack earlier. She struggled with the switch for a second, but the light eventually came on, blindingly bright.

"Ow." Amanda recoiled slightly, almost dropping the torch.
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