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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Minor GMing approved))

"Alright, sounds good."

Nadia moved to look at how the photo would look if she placed the camera on the hood of the car. She took her jacket off and neatly folded it into a square to give it that extra boost. She climbed down off the hood as Rod moved back to place.

"Okay, I think I got it," she said.

Nadia took Rod by the hand and led him out into the path of the headlights. She then quickly moved back to look through the camera again.

"Okay, let me take a test photo. You can keep your eyes closed."

Nadia clicked the button, taking a picture of Rod. Nadia let out a cheer when she saw the picture.

"Great. This is the spot."

Nadia moved back over to Rod. She then lowered herself, grabbed his thigh, then moved it slightly over, spreading his legs a bit.

"Okay. So I think we'll hold hands and face the lights," Nadia said. "I know it's hard to see looking directly into the lights, so keep your eyes closed until it takes the picture. The timer will let out a noise before it takes, so open them right when you hear it and try to hold them open. We'll only take one picture since I don't want to strain your eyes too much."

Nadia ran back to the car and flicked the timer on. She then hurried back to Rod and took his hand, placing herself in a similar position as him. The timer then let out a noise.

"Now!" she quickly shouted.

Nadia quickly opened her eyes as the camera took the photo. She closed her eyes again once she knew the photo was taken.

"Alright, let me check that out," she said, making her way back to the hood.
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