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Danny let out a weak laugh. “That would have been a better game. Just…” He lifted a hand and pointed like he was holding a gun. “Sproing.”

Irene moved suddenly, and Danny raised his CD player like it was a shield. But she bounded past him, running and yelling something about how she had to go.

“Huh? Hey, wait!” But she was already gone.

Danny looked at Jeremy. Then looked at the gun, which was now raised. Not pointed at him, but still raised. Could be so easily pointed at him. And apart from one class of sex jokes, Danny just didn't know Jeremy that well. Didn't know if this ridiculous calmness about the fact that they were all going to die was normal, or whether Jeremy had cracked.

Danny decided he didn't want to stick around to find out. And he'd always been great at outrunning his problems.

“I, uh… yeaaaaah,” Danny said slowly, before tucking the CD player underneath one arm and just bolting. Same direction Irene had, because… well, he knew and liked Irene a little more than Jremy. Maybe he could catch up, even if he wasn't sure if he wanted to.

He wasn't really sure what he wanted at all, except that he wanted to be safe. And what was the chance of that?

((Danny Brooks continued in Hideaway.))
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