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If there was the time for a spit take, it would've been the moment GLD said 'sorry'. Of course, Fiyori had nothing particularly wet in her mouth except her literal spit. And she'd rather not spit on GLD, all things considered. Still, it surprised her. Shocked her, even. Oh, sure, she was 'just some junior girl' and maybe Fiyori should have remembered. Well, it wasn't a big mistake, nothing to get upset about.

That GLD still apologized for her remark baffled Fiyori more and more. For a moment she even lost concentration, failed to follow what GLD continued to say, just so that her mind could replay the words she just used once more.

Still baffling.

However, Fiyori did react to the question posed to her. And for a moment, she had to think. Fiyori paused, met GLD's gaze and then hummed. Not a tune, more like a deep elongated sigh, but with your lips pressed together.

It took her only a little while, and Fiyori began to gesture at GLD herself.

"There is you, and out of everyone on this trip I'd figure you'd hate me the most. As for the others, Darius might still be pissy about a few things. I've been an ass to Bradley, but I don't think he actually registers that anymore.

And well there's a bunch of people who just detest me just because I smoke weed or maybe because I'm black or maybe because they get crept out by this long mess my limbs are. The perpetual grinning puts people off, too."

Fiyori instinctively touched her lips with her fingers. She didn't grin right in that moment. Did feel like laughing, but her body seemed to disagree.

"Otherwise, most people seem to hold no ill-will against me."

Ah, now she wanted to laugh even more. Who would have thought that her kindness in sharing her food might pay off in such a situation?
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