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As Georgia Lee decided to get a good look at her belongings, so Fiyori made sure to spend enough time inspecting the contents of her bag. This time, without looking for any glasses.

What she first noticed, noticed before but again more pronounced, was the shovel. From the mere looks of it alone it was different from what Fiyori knew about shovels, and as she could gather from the little piece of paper – probably some kind of manual? - was that this was a shovel used by the military to do shoveling. Sounded easy. There was more to the tool, of course, and there was more written in the little manual. But all the other letters were way too small to decipher so Fiyori did not bother. It was a shovel. You could shovel stuff with it. Easy enough.

Putting the shovel aside, Fiyori counted what she had to eat. Bread. Crackers. Food bars. There was a calorie counter on the bars, and after GLD's confirmation, Fiyori knew that these could last for weeks. Two, maybe three. As long as they don't end up working too much. Fiyori doubted they'd have that luxury. Still, food was aplenty, but water was not. Fiyori had four half-litre bottles, and that was way too little.

And as GLD just discovered, there wasn't any running water in the hospital either. Great. She proposed going out at night while everyone was sleeping. Proposed being careful about it. Fiyori was about to comment, say something about how they would surely meet their deaths somewhere in the darkness then. She decided to keep her mouth shut.

Then GLD commented about their fortress. Not impregnable, she said and Fiyori nodded. Why would people bother to enter, she said and Fiyori found herself shaking her head lightly. GLD herself just gave a bunch of good reasons. It was warm, it was safe, it was enclosed. No way they'd go longer than a day without someone trying to enter.


"I guess if you want to survive you should think about potential threats. Our fellow students, I suppose. Maybe you should tell me who else you got pissed off in these last four years."

She raised her eyebrow, drummed a bit with her fingers on her lap.

"You know, before they turn up and I get caught up in some weird shit."
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