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"Spot the rot, oh spot the rot,
Oh spot the rot we say.
Spot the rot they tell the tot
while feeding him some say."

[Lili Williams, continued from New Destiny]

While it wasn't quite the best song to be singing as she walked across a bridge to what could be her untimely demise, Lili tried her best to keep herself in high spirits, and if that meant singing some deranged stuff to herself, she was perfectly fine with that. The wind had not let up since she departed the bell tower, leaving Eye-patch behind, and as Lili passed on the bridge above the water it seemed to pick up, if anything. Lili was glad that she dressed somewhat heavily for the science trip. From the colder weather, Lili guessed the island wasn't anywhere close to Kingman.

She swung her nightstick as she walked, continuing to sing to herself quietly. The Residents were one of her favorite bands, and she made sure that she wouldn't forget her favorite songs of theirs as she lived out her stay on the island.

Now, wait, she couldn't just keep on calling it "The Island," now, could she? No, Lili thought, she needed to come up with some kind of name for it. Something to call her surroundings. Lili thought back to some of her favorite songs, mentally searching through a long, long list of song titles. She stopped walking to briefly consider her options.

"Spiderland," She said aloud. It was the name of an album by the band Slint, a rock group from the late eighties. Yes, Spiderland would do. With a name settled upon, she resumed her stroll towards the other side of the island.

She smiled to herself as the bridge creaked beneath her, her nightstick brushing against her leg occasionally, swaying to and fro. Her cravings for a cigarette had only gotten worse after she left the bell tower. She felt slightly uncomfortable in her feet, like her shoes were on wrong, even though checking them proved that they were on just fine. Her hands didn't feel quite as tingly as they did when she woke up, but they instead itched. Lili tried her best not to scratch at first, but just a little while after she crossed the bridge, she gave in, lightly picking at the backside of her right hand, her nightstick hand, with her left.

The collar around her neck didn't help her discomfort. She hadn't paid much mind to it just as she woke up, but now that the wind was seemingly picking up she could've sworn it tightened harder around her neck. The presence of the collar was unshakable, despite many attempts on Lili's part to ignore it. A light tug now and then didn't help - she'd tried, to no avail. It didn't seem to be enough to set the collar off yet, though, so unconsciously she began to form a habit of pulling on it every so often. Even if some of her classmates would end up setting their own collars off by tugging, Lili knew that with her strength, she'd never manage to accidentally blow her own head off.

She kept on walking and singing quietly, though she was in no hurry.

"Spot the rot, oh spot the rot
and then you'll be okay.
Spot the rot, oh spot the rot,
but still you'd better pray."
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