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Voices. They might not have heard her, but she could hear them, too clearly. Sound carried in this place.

"I don't know, man."

Well, duh. Be way more fucked up if you did know. How could any of them know? What the fuck was this place? How was this still a thing that happened? Why hadn't these terrorists been caught and executed years ago?

"Harry, man...I don't...I dunno if it's safe for you to be around me. You know the kinda...y'know, reputation I've got. Somebody's liable to...I dunno. Do somethin'. I don't want you caught up in that."

That voice...was that Tyler Yazzie? Scary-lookin' kid with a scary lookin' rep. She'd heard things. Bad things. Hurt people things. But the way he was talking, the way he sounded...that didn't sound like someone who was scary. That sounded like someone trying to make sense of a real bad situation.

"Don't gimme any of that shit, Ty."

Ha! Damn right. No one who sounded like that, who was that worried about their friends getting hurt, should get left in the cold. Mystery voice had it.

"You know I can take care of myself. I know you can take care of yourself. Sticking together and watching each other's backs is the obvious thing to do, yeah?"

Good on him, but Lizzie wasn't sure she agreed. Was this the kind of place you wanted to stick it out with your friends? But who wanted to be tied down, now of all times? Who wanted to be trapped and choking, never knowing what would happen? Wasn't it better to strike out on your own, look out for yourself, figure yourself out because she was going to die, because the tight rope was swaying and she knew the fall was coming, no matter how she ran? Did she want other people on the rope with her? Wasn't that why she'd left Tara and Alex behind?

That was the thing to do. Leave. Go again, before you got tied down. This is your time, Lizzie. The last time you might ever have. You can't waste it-

Can't waste it talking to two human beings, both looking out for each other, refusing to run.

She took a steadying breath, crept forwards, and knocked on the doorframe leading into the room.
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