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Just what exactly was Jasmine babbling about?

How the camera looked was totally irrelevant. Ok, yes, as an artist he appreciated sleek and geometric aesthetics, but it didn't mean a thing to how an actual shot came out. And who in their right mind would use neon on anything that wasn't a glowing beer sign?

If Jordan hadn't provided a suitable distraction, he might very well have started a small fight with the girl. He wouldn't say he was angry with her, but she was saying some frankly stupid things and that probably would've come across in his response, and then she very well could've gotten upset and suddenly the whole conversation turned into a mess. So, yeah, thanks Jordan.

So, Sandy took his eyes off Jasmine to focus on him instead. "Again, Leica M9." he said for the second time, turning it around in his hands to show it off. "Leica's a pretty well respected brand, though it does set you back a bit."

"I'm not sure what you mean by the ones professionals like, though." he continued, sounding less irritated with the suggestion that his camera wasn't professional grade and more interested in talking about what the pros would be using. "You might be thinking of cameras with larger lenses on them, or a particular make. I got this one for street photography, but I am looking to get some lenses to go with it, and I've got three other cameras back at home anyway." That would, of course, set his bank account back even further, but who was he to deny himself all the parts he needed.

He glanced down at the preview screen again, looking at his imperfect shot one more time. "Do you want me to send this to you guys? It's not really any good, but I can forward it on when I get home later."
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