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Nancy continued to stare. She continued to stare as Vanessa reached into her bag. When she pulled something out of it, Nancy flinched.

This is where she was going to die.

Vanessa pulled out...


'That' being pot. Vanessa pulled out some pot. From her assigned bag.

Vanessa had been given marijuana as a weapon.

It was something so completely ludicrous that it wrapped around to being hilarious.

Nancy's fear was completely gone. It was too absurd. She started to laugh again. She laughed good and hard.

"H-How... How did..." she sputtered out, in between fits of laughter, "How did they... screw you over that hard?"

Now that Nancy knew what Vanessa's weapon was, she allowed herself to relax. Even if she tried to do anything, Nancy's axe was in her grabbing range.

Her laughter died down, and she wiped a tear from her eye.

"Idols don't do drugs," Nancy said.
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