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The first kick connected. Alvaro closed his eyes. Something crunched over them.

He opened them again. Min-Jae was moving. Blood was dripping down his eyes.

Oh god, blood.

He froze up.

Then the baton came down.


And again.

He was going to die here.

Because people hated him but he knew that but he couldn’t do something about it and because he was that kid from the other country who couldn’t speak but always tried so hard during it that nobody could help but laugh at him when he did it and who everyone kept around because they felt sorry and he had a cafe that they could use off of him and because he was here in the death game where he didn’t have a weapon and everyone else did and it was his fault for this and for everything because he was him and every time it happened he didn’t have the courage to do something about it and he needed to do something to get out of here and survive but his body couldn’t do anything but he needed to do something, something, something

Do something.

He looked out. There was a chunk of wood lying on the ground.

Good enough.

He clutched it around his hand, and he swung it towards Min-Jae, as hard as he could.
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