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To be entirely honest, Alice hadn't anticipated being invited along.

She looked at the two. Johnny and Raina...they were friends or something, weren't they? Alice didn't keep track of al the social connections at school, but she wondered what it was like, to wake up next to someone you cared about. She was flung back to the chapel, thinking about finding her friends, wanting to see them, hug them, spend time with them.

Watch them die.

It was nightmarish. Bryony wasn't cut out for this. Hell, nobody was, except ironically the people who most deserved to be here. Alice couldn't off-hand name someone from her school who deserved this, though. It was cruel.

And now these two were bring up that same choice, to come along, find her friends, and..."And do what?" Alice said. The door swung fully open. She stood there, still tiny and meek-looking, almost certainly, but Alice tried to hold herself up a bit stronger now.

"I...I appreciate your offer. But if we just walk around this place, eventually we'll run into killers. One person has to kill every day, that guy said. People are going to do it, I'm sure. And I don't want it to be me that dies." Alice took a breath. "If there's a rescue, if someone comes here, that's the best shot at going home. And I just want to go home." Her voice broke there, and she started whimpering.

"So...so I don't want to go anywhere where there'll be a lot of people, because that's where the ones who are desperate will go. Sorry, I appreciate the offer but...Where would we go?"
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