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Freaking BB and Freaking Brady weren’t on that bus that day, so did that mean they hadn’t been kidnapped? Were they sitting at home safe and sound whilst she was stuck here about to die, because of the period of her fucking science class?

Her internal rant was interrupted with the loud smack of Nancy’s cranium kissing the table’s underside. As Vanessa opened her mouth to ask “Y’alright?”, she was cut off by Nancy going lumberjack on the woodwork and scrambling off to the side, curling up into a foetal ball and staring at her with doe eyes.

So yeah, she was pretty much back where she started.

“Shit, sorry if I startled you.” She didn’t go any closer to Nancy this time, since it didn’t seem to be accomplishing anything. She was trying really hard to help her calm down here, but she really wasn’t sure what say next. How were you supposed to talk to someone when everything you did was met with either horror or hysteria?

Hm. She had an idea.

Vanessa reached into her duffel bag, pulling out her very generous present from the terrorists.

"You wanna smoke 'em peace pipe?"
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