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No weapon on her either, that made two of them. Granted she was telling the truth and didn't plan to gut him once he let his guard down. That was unlikely though, almost ridiculous. So all they could for the moment was wait, wait and s-

There it was again, that horrible creaking, announcing yet another unwanted visitor. Maxim tensed up, clutching his bag even tighter. He took another step back, his eyes gazing at the small gap of light that grew bigger as the door opened up. If he was really, really unlucky, this could be it. If whoever was entering the room had both a somewhat decent weapon or tool on him and malicious intent at that, there was little he could do. A small part of his mind was ready to say goodbye to the world, though the rest stubbornly held onto it. He wasn't giving up. He'd defend his life with his bare hands if he had to, no matter how bad the odds were looking.

The girl said something, took the initiative. Reasonable. Maybe it would have an effect, maybe not. Maybe it wouldn't be necessary at all. He himself did nothing of any sort, just remained standing where he was. Once again.
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