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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Great, the other guy wasn't armed. Granted, Nadia was glad he didn't have anything to pull on her (that she could see), but it meant nothing if there was a dangerous person in the halls. Nadia moaned softly.

"No, I got shit," she whispered to the guy. "So we just-"

Nadia heard a creaking sound behind her and turned around. Someone was opening the door. Nadia bit her lip as a figure appeared in the doorway. Crap. They weren't quiet enough, and now someone dangerous was here.

Nadia tried to think quickly about what to do. She couldn't exactly run and hide trapped in a small room like this. She had no clue if the guy could be useful to her. She needed to get away quickly and peacefully.

"Hey, who are you?" she called to the person coming in. "We don't want trouble."

She prayed that would work.
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