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"That- ah"

She hesitated. Yet she knew that all hesitation was all for naught. Had Lucilly chosen to cover herself with the obscuring darkness of that damp room, she would have had showed restraint. She should not have raised her voice. And as such, she knew that she chose her reveal when she could not chose.

"That was me, Lucilly."

Her name. She used it. Yet it felt like her own name belonged to another person. A sense of depersonalization, a sense of not recognizing herself befell Lucilly for the moment and the young woman could not grasp his this feeling came to be.

Still she grasped for courage, a courage that was not meant to be broken by her tears or her snot or hear vomit or the sight of another student. No, not even the sight of a gun. A tool for the destruction of human lives. A tool, indeed. A tool that could also not be used, and Lucilly had faith in Amanda. Faith that she would not use that dangerous tool.

Lucilly approached the pair of girls, leaving her bag behind at her original place of solace. She knew that the companionship of friends shall bring a greater solace than a dark corner ever would.

"I... I did not mean to scare you."
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