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Nancy laid her head back down as she listened to Vanessa's joke and subsequent plan.

Finding friends. It seemed like a good plan. She sure would like find everyone from the Anime Club. Well, everyone who was on the island, anyway. Vanessa asked Nancy if she wanted to tag along. With her? Nancy wasn't sure about that.

There was something fucky about the way Vanessa kept referencing her hatchet. Nancy wasn't murderous. She wasn't.

Suddenly, Vanessa yelled, and Nancy felt her heart skip a beat. She tried to sit up, but her head banged against the underside of the table.

Her head spinning, she instinctively swung the hatchet, and the blade of the axe cleanly penetrated about halfway through a leg of the table.

She released her grip on the hatchet, backing up against the corner and curling around herself, staring at Vanessa with wide eyes.
Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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