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"Plan?" she repeated, with a small smile. Inwardly, she shrieked. Plan? Idiot idiot idiot, why discuss plans? The cameras are watching you, waiting to turn your slow descent into fodder for peoples' worst fears, waiting to lampoon your failures and your stupidity. Did he know nothing.

Well. He probably wasn't like her, watching footage and fan-edits alone in her room, back to the wall and face to the door so she could change her screen at a moment's notice. He had to realize that anything he said aloud, they would use against him. Any sign of going against the grain, and they'd blow the bomb they'd placed around his neck. If he had a plan, how to warn him?

"Does dying happy count?" Tara asked. "Because that's really all I got." She paused, then added, "Which is, y'know. Why I need that hammer. Don't think I can really pull it off if I'm gonna get..."

Well, what? How do you die happy, if you're trying to live.

"Smile for the camera," she said, nodding to the gleam of a visible camera in the corner of the room.
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