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They seemed friendly, so Maria edged closer, one hand on her blade incase anybody decided that they'd want to actually attack her. She looked at the other girl, knowing her face was...

Fuck. It was Isabel.

The most malicious, stuck up bitch of a 'woman' that Cochise had ever had the misfortune of being stuck with. The girl who she constantly made a very pointed effort to ignore, and in response got rumours whispered behind her back.

The one about her being a junkie was bullshit, and everyone knew it. Even Bradley admitted that she'd never taken anything stronger than ectasy, and, at least when it came to drug consumption, people tended to trust Bradley, no matter how large of a pukestain he was on grounds.

But her circulating that she was some kind of... God she didn't even want to acknowledge the goddamn word. She admitted that her tendencies to go through boyfriends very fast, in no small part because she was simultaneously studious and party-like, and tended to throw too much into the pot too early, what that girl had insinuated was utter bullshit, yet had stuck.

She approached, glaring at Isabel, but otherwise not bothering to acknowledge her. Maybe this, she considered, was why SOTF ended in blood. High school rivalries supercharged with a lack of law and lethal weaponry...

But no. She wasn't going to just attack Isabel. She was pathetic and refused to talk to her face, but if she somehow picked up enough courage to attack her she would respond in kind.

Clarise had said something. Something about the belltower and ringing it to get attention. "There's a problem with that though. All the crazies who want to play will also come, and if just one or two people start fighting, then everyone will start defending themselves. Y'know, how the anti-gun argument goes that if one person pulls out a gun to stop a shooter and starts firing, he becomes the shooter?"

"Surely we'd need to come up with a little more subtle way than just inviting everyone to the tower, right?"
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